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REHAB Fair 2007

REHAB Fair 2007 will be held on 20-24 November, 2007

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel: The Venue

REHAB Fair 2007 will be held on 20-24 November, 2007 at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel.

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel: Atrium of the Lobby

Last REHAB Fair 2006 also held at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel on 20-24 February 2007 and 133 stalls were allotted among Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Related Material Manufacturers and Fianancial Institutions.

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REHAB Fair 2006 Participants List:

Real Estate Companies:

A Aabash Moon Bangladesh Ltd. Visit:

ABC Real Estates Limited. Visit:

Advanced Development Consultants Limited. Visit:

Advanced Development Technologies Ltd. Visit:

Agrani Apartment Ltd. Visit:

Alien Properties Ltd. Visit:

Amicus Properties Ltd. Visit:

Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd. Visit:

Amin Mohammad Lands Development Ltd. Visit:

Anwar LandMark Ltd. Visit:

ANZ Properties Limited. Visit:

Apartment Design & Development (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Aristo Development Ltd. Visit:

Artisan Apartments Limited. Visit:

Assort Housing & Engineers Ltd. Visit:

Assurance Developments Ltd. Visit:

Atlantic Development Ltd. Visit:

Avenue Builders Ltd. Visit:

Bangladesh Development Company Limited. Visit:

Bashati Consortium Ltd. Visit:

Bay Developments Ltd. Visit:

Biswas Builders Limited. Visit:

Borak Real Estate (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Building Development and Design Ltd. Visit:

Building For Future Ltd. Visit:

Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. Visit:

CapitaLand Development Ltd. Visit:

Central Builders & Architects Limited. Visit:

Century Realty Ltd. Visit:

Chaya Developer Limited. Visit:

City Axis Ltd. Visit:

City Technologies Limited. Visit:

Comprehensive Holdings Ltd. Visit:

Concord Real Estate & Building Products Ltd. Visit:

Configure Engineers & Construction Co. Ltd. Visit:

Crescent Holdings Ltd. Visit:

Darul Islam Housing Ltd. Visit:

Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. Visit:

Dom-Inno Builders Ltd. Visit:

Earth Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Eastern Housing Ltd. Visit:

Elite Properties Limited. Visit:

Ena Properties Limited. Visit:

Everest Holdings & Technologies Ltd. Visit:

Family Living Ltd. Visit:

Gawsia Developers Limited. Visit:

Genetic Limited. Visit:

Green Delta Housing And Development (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Hamid Real Estate Construction Ltd. Visit:

Hassan And Associates Limited. Visit:

Home Design Ltd. Visit:

Hyperion Development Ltd. Visit:

ICAB Housing Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Ideal Home Builders Limited. Visit:

Imperial Consultants and Development Ltd. Visit:

Imperial Real Estate Limited. Visit:

Industrial Development & Leasing Company Ltd. Visit:

Intex Builders Limited. Visit:

Intimate Home Builders Ltd. Visit:

Jamuna Builders Limited. Visit:

Japan Garden City Ltd. Visit:

Karigar Holdings Ltd. Visit:

Kashba Housing Private Ltd. Visit:

KEARI Ltd. Visit:

Khondaker Property Ltd. Visit:

Lab Aid Property Ltd. Visit:

Latif Real Estate Ltd. Visit:

Living Plus Limited. Visit:

Living Stone Limited. Visit:

M. A. Wahab & Sons (Real Estate) Limited. Visit:

Manama Developments. Visit:

Mega Builders Limited. Visit:

Metro Homes Limited. Visit:

Mission Energy and Properties Limited. Visit:

Momen Real Estates Limited. Visit:

Moon Light Development Ltd. Visit:

Morphosis Developments Limited. Visit:

MTC Properties Limited. Visit:

Multiplan Limited. Visit:

Nabo Uddoge Limited. Visit:

Nagar Homes Ltd. Visit:

Nandan Kanon Housing Ltd. Visit:

Navana Real Estate Ltd. Visit:

Neer Ltd. Visit:

Noboudoy Housing Limited. Visit:

Northern Foundation Ltd. Visit:

Northern Real Estate Limited. Visit:

Oriental Real Estate Ltd. Visit:

Organ Developments Ltd. Visit:

Paradise Development & Constructions Ltd. Visit:

Parvin Properties & Technologies Ltd. Visit:

Praasad Nirman Ltd. Visit:

Protik Developers Limited. Visit:

RAMS Holdings Limited. Visit:

Rangs Properties Ltd. Visit:

Reliance Development Associates Ltd. Visit:

Ridge Park Holdings Ltd. Visit:

Rupayan Housing Estate Limited. Visit:

Rupayan Real Estate Limited. Visit:

S A Khaleque Property Development Ltd. Visit:

Sagufta N M Housing Ltd. Visit:

Sahara City Housing. Visit:

S. D. Properties Ltd. Visit:

Shahjalal Property Limited. Visit:

Shamsul Alamin Real Estate Limited. Visit:

Shanta Properties Limited. Visit:

Shaptak Grihayan Limited. Visit:

Shatabdi Housing Limited. Visit:

Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Sheltech Towers & Apts. (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Sky View Foundation Ltd. Visit:

Skyline Builders Limited. Visit:

Skytouch Apartments Limited. Visit:

South Surma City Limited. Visit:

SS Builders & Developers Ltd. Visit:

Sumona Private Limited. Visit:

Swadesh Properties Limited. Visit:

The Structural Engineers Ltd. Visit:

Tropical Homes Ltd. Visit:

Union Development & Technologies Ltd. Visit:

Unique Property Development Ltd. Visit:

Unitech Holdings Limited. Visit:

Urban Property Development Company (Pvt.) Limited. Visit:

Vertex Housing Limited. Visit:

Xenovalley Model Town (Pvt.) Ltd. Visit:

Zoha Properties Ltd. Visit:

Finacial Institutions:

National Housing Finance And Investment Ltd. Visit:

Prime Bank Limited. Visit:

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Visit:

Hope, this year lot more participants will take part in the fair.

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Dhaka Sheraton Hotel: Swimming Pool

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